A visit in Kraków, in XV LO –November 2018

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A visit and activities in Lithuania – September 2018

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Students presentation about the visit in Portugal –February 2019.

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Welcome to XV LO

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Results of the survey in 15 LO in Kraków

  1. The survey participants: 3 teachers,103 students from 1st,2nd,3rd classes, mainly female(64%)
  2. Generally:most participants are of good health(only 1% poor) and have quite often balanced and healthy lifestyle eating regularly fresh and natural food, obisity is not a problem.

Unfortunately, only 47% feel comfortable with their body image-what may be typical for this age – being teenagers.

  1. Bad habits:
  • not enough sleep due to playing games,learing at night, waking tired,
  • smoking- 17% smoke, mostly about 5 cigaretts a day what is quite a lot – addiction we can say-half of them tried to quit
  • Alcohol – half of students sometimes drink alcohol, it’s usually: beer, wine, spirit and cocktail


  1. Physical activities:
  • 72% practise regularly: bike,gym,walking, travelling, some days per week and usually it takes about 1 or 2 hours
  1. Eating habits:
  • Breakfast is eaten at home, it is usually: tea,yoghurt, coffee, bread, cheese, ham
  • Only 27%of them go with friends to fast food restaurants
  • While eating at home, most of them don’t use a phone but while eating with friends-half of them use the phone
  • Most students eat lunch at school: usually filled sandwiches, fruit, water
  • 77% have snacks in the afternoon such as:tea, pizza, sweets, fruit juice
  • Dinner(main dish) is usually eaten at 2 or 3 o’clock, after school and mainly:soups, main dishes and side dishes-traditional Polish dishes.
  • The frequency of eaten food-most often: bread,fruit, vegetables,fresh cheese,

Never-croissant,bar cereal, pre-cooked package food.

  • Bottled water is mainly drunk and about 1,5 litre a day
  1. 90% use public transport or go on food.



  • Students follow healthy habits due to our tradition passed from generation to genaration such as eating habits: meals are healthy, prepared at home, eaten at regular time.
  • Students have also bad habits connected with modern technology or their age such as computer games, the Internet, alcohol, smoking.
  • Physical activities are also quite popular.
  • Students understand the importance of healthy lifestyle.


 How to burn calories: a presentation of students after the meeting with a dietician



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